What is Corrugated PE Barrier Liner?

Corrugated Barrier Liners are designed for the corrugated box industry to be an internal and/or external liner in a corrugated structure. Two sheet of high grade kraft paper or kraft linerboard are laminated together with a modified blend of Polyethylene (PE) specially designed to withstand the rigors of the corrugating process. The resulting corrugated has an outstanding moisture vapor barrier and can be used in multiple of end use packaging applications.


Grade Options and Specifications

PEB50 lamination of 2-50# Natural Kraft Sheets
PEB26 lamination of 2-26# Kraft Liner Board Sheets

Laminate Layer:
Modified PE Blend
Various coating weights available
Resin is FDA, CONEG approved

Width Range Up to 103 wide
Roll OD: 60 Standard, other sizes possible

Applications for PE Barrier Liner

Moisture control is the primary objective for a PE Barrier Liner in a corrugated structure. The applications for moisture control in packaging are widespread and some examples include:

Packaging the following:
Fine Paper or Documents
Hydrophilic Materials (Water Absorbing)
Any product that needs added moisture protection as part of its packaging.